Friday, October 29, 2010

Random Thoughts from the Passionate Sports Fan's Mind

Joe Girardi gets a 3 year, $9M extension from the Yankees.
What, Stump Merrill wasn't available? Guarantee at least two huge games will be blown next season by the MicromanaGirardi.

Kristen Lee rips into New York fans.
Not that I condone the behavior of the New York fans, but Mrs. Lee: do you remember a little place called Philadelphia? Tell us a story about the fans there! Bottom line (no pun intended): degenerate fans exist in ALL ballparks, and your husband, Cliff, will take the contract with the most $$!

The Giants and Jets currently own the best records in their respective conferences.
I STILL think there will be no Big Apple Bowl. Take it to the bank.

Tony Romo is probably out for the season.
You never wish for anyone to get hurt, but if you are a Cowboy hater, there was no sweeter sight than Romo lying on the Cowboys Stadium turf, symbolizing the end of Dallas' season.

The Miami Heat lose their first game of the Miami Thrice era in embarrassing fashion.
Yeah, I STILL don't care about the NBA.

The San Francisco Giants lead the World Series 2 games to none.
Texas is NOT, I repeat, NOT done. Don't be surprised if they win three in a row in Arlington.

Mets hire Sandy Alderson as their new GM.
Just hope, Met fans, he doesn't hire Wally Backman as manager, or for that matter, Joe Torre.

The Devils have the worst record in the NHL by Halloween.
It's still very early, but how's that Kovalchuk deal looking, Lou? Just a reminder: 15 years. Enjoy!

And my non-sports thought of the week:
Do any of you gullible fools believe a Republican-controlled Congress will alleviate our country's problems? If so, just vote for Sarah Palin in 2012 and prove to me how much trouble we are in.

Week 8 NFL Picks (2-2 in Week 7, 2-2 overall)

Pit +1 over NO
DET -2 1/2 over Was
KC -7 1/2 over Buf
Mia +1 1/2 over CIN

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