Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Random Thoughts from the Passionate Sports Fan's Mind II

Michael Vick accounts for 6 TD's (and 57!!!!! Yahoo Fantasy Points) in Monday night's 59-28 demolition of the Redskins.
But don't even think about voting him the NFL MVP. Also, I pose this question to Anti-Vick Eagles fans: if he wins you a Super Bowl in February, what will you think of him then?

A young New York Jets fan, 8, is tackled by a drunken Browns fan after New York's 26-20 overtime victory in Cleveland.
Let's pray something like this never happens again. God forbid this defenseless young man died in a melee in the parking lot over a football game.

Lebron James nominated for Time's Person of the Year.
Great! Maybe I could be nominated for taking my talents to South Beach while waving a sign that says WHO CARES?

The AL Cy Young winner is announced on Thursday.
Felix Hernandez does NOT deserve to win this award. CC Sabathia does. Call me a Yankee homer all you want, but Sabathia won 20 games, and effectively held the fort for a contending team while Andy Pettitte was injured, A.J. Burnett turned into Kei Igawa, Javier Vazquez was banished to the bullpen (again), and a revolving door of 5th starters put forth whatever they could. Having a miniscule ERA and astronomical strikeout total is nice, but a 13-12 record? It's a mockery of the system.

Rumor has it that Justin Upton is on the trade market, and Arizona wants a starting pitcher, relief pitcher, and outfielder in return.
If I'm the Yankees, I'm giving them Joba Chamberlain, Brett Gardner, and Ivan Nova. NOW.

Tiger Woods finishes 2010 without a victory.
Get used to it, folks. He will never be the same golfer again. Also, Jack Nicklaus' major record just might be safe.

The Devils' woes continue.
Lou Lamoriello is hailed as a genius, but did you know that in six seasons since the lockout, the Devils have only won two playoff series, while the hated Rangers have won two AFTER the fact, and once at New Jersey's expense? Just sayin'.

Brett Favre's 2011 Dog-and-Pony show is already underway.
He tells the NFL Network's Adam Schefter last week that he is done for good after this season. Sure you are, Brett.

The Cam Newton controversy gets bigger and bigger every week.
You know what the sad thing is? He is most definetly not the only college athlete that has pulled the alleged stunts he has.

And my non-sports thought of the Week:
From the Only in America department: Sarah Palin's new reality show was the highest rated program in the history of the TLC channel. Are people in this country so uneducated and brain-dead that they have to make themselves feel better by watching an hour dedicated to a politician that makes George W. Bush look like a genius?

NFL Picks for Week 11 (1-3 last week, 6-10 overall)
Atl -3 over STL
NE -3 over Ind
DAL -7 over Det
Oak +8 over PIT

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