Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Random Thoughts from the Passionate Sports Fan's Mind VI

Pitchers and Catchers have officially reported! Welcome to Baseball season!
Words of caution: Do NOT pencil in a Boston/Phillies World Series. Championships aren't won on paper. Also, do NOT count the Yankees out despite their pitching woes.
The NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement expires March 4.
Fans: DON'T PANIC if a deal isn't signed by then. It won't affect the draft, and it won't affect any games unless the lockout extends into training camp. If that happens, THEN you may panic.
Last week's Penguins/Islanders game may have been the ugliest in NHL history.
If you read Mario Lemieux's complaints about the lieniency of the suspensions handed out to the culpable Islander players, 66 should think about this: get your superstar player roommate healthy, because losing Evgeni Malkin for the season may have crippled your team's Cup hopes.
Albert Pujols' deadline for the Cardinals to sign him to a new deal has passed.
Unless he takes a hometown discount to remain in St. Louis beyond this season, don't expect him back next year, Redbird Nation. But it will NOT cripple the franchise if it does happen.
If you think the Madoff/Wilpon situation won't affect the Mets operations, think again.
Guess what? David Wright is correct. If the Wilpons lose millions in this impending lawsuit, who is paying the players?
Non-Sports thought of the week (actually, two of them this time)
After taking your wife or girlfriend out for Valentine's Day, I hope your card went something like this: "Honey, thank you for tolerating my absence the last 21 Sundays."
Plus, I normally could care less about the Grammys, but kudos to the academy by choosing Arcade Fire, the best band of the 21st century not named Radiohead (more on them soon...) and their album "The Suburbs" on winning Album of the Year over less talented corporate artists like Lady Gaga and her egg and Katy Perry. Oh, and for shutting out Justin Bieber! And to all music lovers everywhere: Radiohead's new album, The King of Limbs, is released digitally this Saturday!!!!!!!!

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