Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Random Thoughts from the Passionate Sports Fan's Mind IV

The Jets get destroyed by the Patriots 45-3.
If this doesn't humble the Jets, nothing will. Also, for those that believe the Jets have been lucky, this kind of loss may cripple their season.

Steelers defeat the Ravens 13-10.
The more talented team didn't win Sunday night. The team with the most heart did.

Josh McDaniels out as Broncos head coach.
Can one man single-handedly ruin a great franchise? This man came damn near close. It will take years to clean up the mess he made.

Boston acquires Adrian Gonzalez.
If they can sign Carl Crawford and get bullpen help, pencil them in for a 115 win 2011 season, assuming they stay healthy. God help us all if so. Oh by the way, do any more Red Sox Nation members want to continue to complain about the Yankees' payroll?

Nationals sign Jayson Werth for 7 years, $126 million.
Similar contracts: Giambi, Jason (NYY); Zito, Barry (SF); Hampton, Mike (COL); Wells, Vernon (TOR). I thought Washington needed to curb reckless spending? Enjoy this contract, Washington. Which brings us to the Nationals potentially...

...Offering Cliff Lee a 7 year deal.
1. Can we call the Nats Yankees South if this happens?
2. Good luck signing Ryan Zimmerman!

The Knicks are playing competitive basketball again.
YAWWWWNNNN. Wake me up if they make the finals.

The Rangers have the best road record in the NHL, but one of the worst home records.
Can this team get some consistency, please? Then, trade for Brad Richards and make a deep playoff run, perhaps? Oh yeah, fire Sather, too.

Rutgers misses out on a bowl game for the first time since 2004.
Not to split hairs with Greg Schiano, but where is this great football program we all expected?

And my non-sports thought of the week:
The fact that President Obama had to bow down to the GOP and allow for an extension for tax cuts for the wealthy in exchange for an extension for unemployment benefits is an out and out disgrace. It brings several things to mind:
1. The Republicans want the lower and middle classes to die in this country.
2. This economy won't be fixed during this current administration.
3. For the first time, I am leaning toward not voting for Obama in 2012. He caved in to the pressure and showed that he doesn't have the guts to take a stand or make difficult decisions in the White House. But that will NOT mean I am voting Republican. The day I vote Republican for anything is the day the sky turns green.

NFL Picks for Week 14 (2-2 last week, 14-14 overall)
DAL +3 1/2 over Phi
Cle +1 over BUF
Atl -8 over CAR
NE -4 over CHI

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