Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Random Thoughts from the Passionate Sports Fan's Mind V

We know Tom Coughlin may be fired, but would the Giants seriously consider trading Eli Manning?
Calm down, Giant fans. Yes, Eli has had a bad year, but you are turning him into the new Roger Maris: excellent player, overly unappreciated. If they trade him, your team will be mediocre for years afterward.

If the Jets face Kansas City in the first round of the playoffs, they WILL lose.
You need to run the football to win in January, and Kansas City can certainly do that. With the defensive struggles of Gang Green in recent weeks, what makes you think they will stop Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones on the ground?

Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell calls America "a nation of wusses" after the postponement of Sunday's Eagles game due to the Blizzard of 2010.
Imagine if a blizzard happens the day the Meadowlands hosts the Super Bowl. What will the NFL do then?

Devils fire John MacLean, rehire Jacques Lemaire.
Johnny Mac should be grateful he's away from this mess. With Marty past his prime and Ilya under contract for 14 more years, get ready for a decade of mediocrity, Devils fans.

Andy Pettitte still undecided about retirement.
It's as simple as this for the Yankees: If he comes back, there is hope for #28 in 2011. If not, wait until 2012 to hope.

The 7-8 Rams visit 6-9 Seattle Sunday night to determind the NFC West champion.
Do yourself a favor and root for Seattle. I want to see the outcry from the fans, league, and media over a 7-9 division champion!

With one week to go before the playoffs, my Super Bowl pick at the moment is Patriots-Eagles.
This is despite last night's no-show by Vick and co. With their playmakers, I expect Philly to make a lot of noise in January. But if they don't make it, don't be surprised if the Saints make it again.

And my non-sports thought of the week:
Is anyone else happy to not have to deal with Christmas music overkill on the radio until next year? I mean, starting Christmas music non-stop on some stations BEFORE Thanksgiving? No wonder we are all so overindulgent at Holiday time!

Everyone have a safe, healthy, and happy New Year! Next week will be my NFL regular season wrap-up, plus awards and playoff predictions!

NFL Picks for Week 17 (2-2 last week, 19-21 overall)
NE -4 over Mia
NO -7 1/2 over TB
Buf +3 over NYJ
SEA +1 1/2 over Stl

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